INSIDE H2O belts will be MADE IN GERMANY/ ROLLER BELT CLASP produced on our own CNC machines from SS, titanium, Mokume Gane, Timascus and Damascus


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Jul 17, 2014

INSIDE H2O / BELTS / 11.07.2022

Today we have received the first samples of our new H2O belts. We adopted our unique watch strap stitching design, which we introduced in 2011 when founding H2O and launching the first product. That´s pure H2O DNA and from my perspective it looks great also on the belts.

The H2O belts will be MADE IN GERMANY and the ROLLER BELT CLASP produced on our own CNC machines from SS, titanium, Mokume Gane, Timascus and Damascus Steel. All materials I´m using for the HELBERG/H2O watches will be adopted for the clasp production as well.

The belts are HANDSTITCHED and not machine stitched! This makes a big difference in the production costs, but I believe the very slightly more irregular stitching makes the strap way more valueable. We all have cheap machine stitched belts laying around in our cabinets from one of the fashion brands, but this one is entirely made by hand or my own programmed machines and this makes to me the difference!

The leather we are using is buffalo or calf leather in highest quality I could purchase. I have been visiting the biggest leather fair in Europe, the Lineapelle, this years in Milano and have chosen the best leather skin manufacturer out of dozens of producers. The calf leather skin is slightly more soft, but you could feel it only in direct comparison and personally I favor the buffalo skin due to the animals longer lifetime.

We will produce the belt in black with black or beige stitching (not decided yet), dark brown and also blue color.
Timeframe: The first belts will become ready in time for XMAS!

Correction to belts samples: The stitching will move 1-2 millimeter to the outsde and the distance between the holes will be reduced to allow very fine adjustment of the belt.

pretty cool that these would be based off the same design as the H2O leather straps and would have a similar buckle. Great straps.... If they're not too expensive I could see adding one.
image_62 by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
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