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Thread: ARAGON« Superjet Damascus

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    I hope this watch sells out. Because this is what everybody has been asking wing for. Upgraded Parts, boutique-style limited edition. Everybody's been busting his chops about bringing to the table what he made us expect with the new company. I really wanted to buy one but I just don't like divers. Had the bezel even been machined, like the millipede 55, for instance there'd be no hesitation on my part. I think the price is fair for what you're getting though. For me personally the white lume against the black or gunmetal bezel just takes away from the beauty of the Damascus dial. Too much contrast.
    Other than that, bracelet awesome, case awesome, dial awesome, movement awesome, Crystal awesome, white lume instead of green lume as many have requested...awesome.

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    A dial is a far cry from Indie brands. The bulk of the watch is not breaking any new ground so I'm not going to go that far. He has been doing sapphire crystals, same case and bracelet, lume since the Android days.

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