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Thread: A old timex

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    Nice find, Noize!

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    Nicely done noize!

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    I have the exact same watch some where. I own several Timex watches one belonged to my grandfather another was my uncles and a few others I had picked up over from other relatives and friends the years. Some of them are 40+ years old and still tell time fairly well, especially considering they had never been serviced just some get new batteries here and there. I have said this a lot my old watch repair guy Lukas was trained and worked for several top Swiss brands and swore by his Timex. He was the reason I bought a Timex just to see his face when I came into the shop with it! LOL I would wear them every now and then if they were not so small, the older watches were tiny IMO all under 40mm. I guess that was the style, I have a few other vintage watches in the collection that never see wrist time because of the size.
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