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Thread: NEW DARK SEA 500m now is available on KICKSTARTER

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    NEW DARK SEA 500m now is available on KICKSTARTER

    DARK SEA 500M

    Since we launched our first dive watch – DARK SEA 500M, we received many positive feedbacks. Unfortunately, due to legal affairs with Rolex SA, we are unable to continue the UNDIVE DARK SEA anymore. However, the successor of DARK SEA 500M will be born under the other band CRAFTER BLUE who previously helps us to make the rubber strap. The new model is already launched on Kickstarter now. Kickstarter link:

    $599.00 seems really high. I've paid much less for Zelos Mako models with the SW200. Some being offered in SS, bronze, ceramic bezel inserts, etc. $399.00. You could even buy the bronze with meteorite for $569.00.!

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    Very cool! Thanks for the HU, information, and link, Mike.

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    Irrespective of price issue, just not sure this floats my boat!? It's a 45mm case so also not in my sweet spot range.

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