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Thread: Tissot Visodate.

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    That is a beauty. It reminds me of the Seiko Presage Cocktail line. Enjoy and wear it often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacco17 View Post
    That is a beauty. It reminds me of the Seiko Presage Cocktail line. Enjoy and wear it often.
    They are very similar in Appearance I actually looked at both when I got this one. The Tissot was about 125ish more.

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    BORING? Really? Sounds very much like something that would come from one of those nameless watch websites-disguised-as-mental-institutions, where terminal juvenile status reigns supreme, along with a significant lack of mental hygiene that is the norm... But that's okay, "to each his own," etc., etc. After all, everyone is entitled to speak his/her mind, even those with the intellectual firepower of a ladyfinger 'firecracker,' no? Well, I obviously disagree with that assessment, and the pictures themselves go quite far in explaining why. This is an exciting, beautifully designed and well-built timepiece that can fit in virtually anywhere, from sports venues to the boardroom, and everywhere in between. Its clean lines are rememniscent to the manner of dress and jewelry designs of the early 1960's, a time when clean, almost stark elegance were the cutting-edge norms. In other words, ME LIKEY WATCHEE LOTS!!

    I hope you will enjoy many years of happy wear with this incredible watch, while the 'champions of boredom' pick their collective noses and play with their various appendages throughout their professional day(s). CONGRATS, mon ami!

    R.I.P. BDWF - C'è di più nella vita oltre a dare semplicemente un vecchio nome a una cosa nuova

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