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Thread: Look what I got[emoji108]

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    Great useful Smart Watch and it's a gift from loved ones too! I use my Fitbit when I run so pretty cool, and does the BP & GPS tracking. A big congrats.

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    I'm just thrilled to see that Garmin is still a viable company, and still making products that continue to have a genuine use. Back in the early daze of my little company, I did a LOT of travel and used plug-in-to-the-cigarette-lighter Garmiin navigation systems almost exclusively. Unfortunately for them -- as they're truly a good company, made up of good people -- our smarte fones can do all of that without having to buy any new hardware or deal with the hassle of new data uploads as more and more streets are added to the world's towns, cities and so on. I mean, it seemed like it was just overnight, and everything Garmin put out was suddenly obsolete, which is always a danger in today's 'tech-heavy' universe.

    (And it is here that I'll mention the "Twilight Zone" episode wherein Fritz Weaver portrayed a fictitious "Chancellor," who was very adept at proclaiming just about any and every thing -- including people -- obsolete, until he himself is declared "obsolete" by the members of his own Chancellery...scary stuff a 'la Rod Serling {who, by the way, loved to wear the Hamilton "Ventura," one of the first "electronic" watches on the market, a watch that is now, sadly, obsolete!}.)

    ANYhow, as I was mentioning, it's very pleasing to see that [perhaps] Garmin has landed on their feet and will [hopefully] continue to innovate and thrive into the foreseeable future. In the meantime, I hope you will continue to relish this special gift from your much-loved ladies, and I also hope it will continue to make all those front & back nines that much more enjoyable! [FORE!!
    That's the word I most associate with the 'sport' of golf, which I believe, in MY case, stands for Go Out, Lose Frequently...] In other words, I hope you will enjoy the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks out of it!!
    R.I.P. BDWF - C' di pi nella vita oltre a dare semplicemente un vecchio nome a una cosa nuova

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    Great shots of a cool piece. Congrats, and enjoy!

    Life is short...don't waste a minute of it. Gary

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