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Thread: Rake Divers 65 Ltd Ed.

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    Rake Divers 65 Ltd Ed.

    So.... orange.

    This is another of the 40mm versions. I think we all know the watch pretty well by now. They seem to come out with a new color combo every year (well at least one per year) to add some variety to the line-up. Normally I like orange and this isn't bad, but it's not my favorite based on renderings. They are calling the color honey but it certainly looks orange in the pics.

    still prefer the green and the larger size.

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    A cool looking, standard size(40mm), automatic, three hand. Visually distinctive to be sure. Thanks for the HU, information, and link, D.O.

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    a rich brown honey...depends...on the color of the buckwheat and orange tupelo mix...fearless leader knows #1 wit apiculturist

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    Nice, but I also prefer the green.

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