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Thread: Old Steinny On A New Jubilee

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    I don't know exactly what it is about a jubilee-style bracelet, but, like a beads-of-rice bracelet on a hi-end watch, it resonates with the wearer like nothing else bracelet-wise. Soooo, congratulations on both the new bracelet and the new, dressier look it imparts to your already awesome Steiny!! U dun reel gud, sur...

    "Reliance on spies is an often vexatious issue. While you want to trust all that they tell you, the wise leader must continually remind himself that every spy has betrayed someone who relied upon them, at one time or another, thus making them inherently unreliable and more subject to turn against you than those who were with you from the beginning." - Alfred von Tirpitz

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    Looks fantastic!

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    Beautiful, Arthur !!!
    It now has a little more of a dress-up vibe to it !!! (IMHO)
    Congrats !!!

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    What a beauty .. Big Congrats ..

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