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Thread: Eterna - any love?

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    Personally I have big love for Eterna as I have 4 pieces plus one Porsche Design which is under the Eterna brand.
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    I will own a Kon Tiki in the near future when the right deal pops up and the timing is right. High on my list of wants.

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    No love or hate. Don’t know as I haven’t had one in my possession as of yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottyB View Post
    EKT was a cool time piece with the THOR HEYERDAHL back story... and the thread mentions that eterna produced the eta engine...but... all entities went into bank consortium and re-organization +- 50 years ago... i am sure other horo sleuths can suss out the back story in detail-

    mines is from memory banks no inter webs assist
    From 2016...


    ETA owes its name to... Eterna. ETA is the legacy of the first genuine ébauche manufacture founded in 1856, which, in 1906, became Eterna Werke, Gebrüder Schild & Co, a company that sold watches under the name of Eterna and movements under the name of Eta. In 1924, the company was legally divided into Eterna SA and Eta SA, which became a subsidiary of Ebauches SA where it rapidly played a crucial role. From 1978, all the different subsidiaries of Ebauches SA were grouped together under the same name, which became ETA SA in 1985 following the formation, in 1983, by Nicolas Hayek, of the SMH group, the initial name of what would become the hegemonic Swatch Group. In a context where no one any longer believed in the future of mechanical watches, ETA, without neglecting quartz, continued a strong R&D, industrial and automation policy which led it to occupy a substantially dominant position in the sector.
    The firm issues no figures, but it is estimated that its annual production of mechanical movements is as high as 5 to 6 million units. Its sister company, Nivarox (Nivarox-FAR), manufacturer of the famous balance springs, enjoys a practical monopoly. It is only recently that some competitors have started to emerge but without really being able to compete in terms of quantity and consistent supply. The main star calibres proposed by ETA, made in tens and even hundreds of thousands of units for many years now, are considered as essential standards: precise, reliable, tried and tested, repairable worldwide by tens of thousands of watchmakers who often know them by heart, they offer practically unbeatable value for money. They have thus supported, and even been essential to, the rise of mechanical watchmaking, in Switzerland and elsewhere.

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    My two cents.

    My “when the opportunity presents itself” list has a vintage Eterna on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gman66 View Post
    Not Certina, Woody - Eterna.
    Ooooh!..... Never mind. Thanks Gary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cootuk View Post
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    I thought there would be some love for Eterna here seeing as they helped create ETA.
    They do seem to have dropped off the radar as advertising is minimal and customer service appears pretty low in terms of answering queries.
    Still, a great history, and they do sometimes hit just the right mark.
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    here is the eterna luv happy ending

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