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Thread: Has anyone used this product to fix a brushed finish?

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    I always have used the green. The pen you ordered will take care of more refined areas on the watch and give you more precise control. When using the green scour pads you should tape over the areas you don't want to touch.

    I have a can of Cape Cod clothes to use on high polish finish.

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    I've used this for years. This is a great little tool every watch collector should have in their tool bag along with some Cape Cod Polishing Cloths. Works very well for me and they are inexpensive, get one.
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    Great information thanks for the advice

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    I agree with everything said above--the red fiberglass pen and a Cape Cod Cloth will solve most problems--the red fiberglass pen on brushed surfaces and the Cape Cod Cloth on polished surfaces. The red pen is also GREAT for titanium.

    RW brings up a good point about taping off areas once you break out the Scotch Brite. That green pad will get deeper than the red fiberglass pen, so you don't want to extend your brushing beyond the area you are working on. Then you can use the pen for finishing work.

    My brushing repair routine is this:

    1. Try the fiberglass pen first and see if it solves the problem.

    2. Try the white Scotch Brite pad next, as white is less invasive than the green.

    3. Move to Green if there are still visible scratches. I literally used a green Scotch Brite to remove all of the scratches in a Breitling bracelet, and some of the scratches were pretty deep. 10 minutes later they were gone and the bracelet looked brand new--there was no evidence of any brushing/polishing. That was by far my most satisfying brushing/repair experience LOL!

    4. Once I have done my best with all of the 3 steps above, I will try a very light polishing with a Cape Cod cloth, even though it's a brushed surface. You don't want to make it shiny, obviously, but the Cape Cod seems to rub out and blend in the other brushing work that you've done. I only use this in situations where I can't get the finish to blend in perfectly with rest of the watch. It's like a touch up.

    Obviously, always go "with the grain" or with the existing brushing direction.

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    I also have used this with a toothbrush in concert with all other tips stated here and it has worked great.
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