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Thread: Magnum 2X Meteorite Dial $599

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    Needs to be at $399 sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by watchgeeks2point0 View Post
    Needs to be at $399 sorry.
    Everyone knows I'm not a fan of invicta's company and their practices. Evine is just the car salesman selling the product. I wouldn't have a problem paying a $200 upgrade for this watch having meteorite, the problem is they keep devaluing the original model by blowing them out at clearance prices. If invicta/evine kept their Magnum prices at 500.... this watch would be a steal in my opinion at $600. The problem is they flooded the market and lowered the prices, so this watch is no longer considered rare and in demand. But the watch itself with the brushing and the two meteorite dials with the new coating they're putting on them to better show up the striations is definitely a badass looking Watch, No Doubt.
    Invicta just keeps devaluing their watches on a regular basis.
    I remember bolt zeuses never being less than 350-500, now theyre debuting models at under 300...

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