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Thread: Finally, after 22 days and a USPS investigation: Heliox!

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    Superb addition to your collection.

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    [QUOTE=bevhillstrainer;377547]Wow that was a lot of drama, but here it is in all it's awesomeness. It was only a week old so it's in MINT condition. Looks like a Helson Sharkmaster on steroids, lol. Completes my Zixen trifecta !

    Oy-VEY, but that Zixen trio tickles my pickle! Grabs my gherkin! Crowns my cuke!! And I mean all of that in the best possible way...

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    Great addition to complete the triple triple!!
    Some men are morally opposed to violence. Fortunately for them, the men that protect them are not

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