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    by Published on 01-24-2017 11:28 AM

    Last November I posted a new watch after a year and a half dry spell. And here I am posting another only 2 months later. So how did I manage this? Well, I manage an antique mall, and also buy and sell there. The money I make on these sales, not usually a lot, pays for my hobbies. Not sure why, but sales in the mall have been well above average since about mid-November to date. And my sales have been fantastic, setting a record in December. So, I have more mad money to spend than I have had in years.
    I've been wanting a Chr. Ward for some time now. After seeing one on the wrist of a player in our regular poker game, I knew I couldn't hold off much longer. This one wasn't easy to acquire. I was having fits trying to buy one from their website during the January sale. I would get to the last step in confirming payment, and I would get a message that my basket was empty and checkout couldn't be completed. Multiple attempts with 3 different cards and paypal were futile. I reset my password, and the site would not recognize me. I eventually gave up, thinking it just wasn't meant to be. Then I got an email from customer services saying there was an item left in my basket, and did I need some help. We exchanged several emails on what to try, and my responses that everything failed. Their site just didn't like me. Anyway, the head of cs set up an invoice for me, I supplied my info, the watch was bought/shipped/delivered, and is now in my hot little hands. My thanks to Wera at CW for all the help and patience with me to make this happen.
    So that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
    You've all seen these and are aware of the specs, so I won't bore you any longer. This is the 43mm version, and the price with delivery was just crazy. I had to do it.

    That's all, folks. Thanks for looking.
    By the way, I love everything about this piece. And the adjustable clasp is just too cool. Big thanks to our illustrious leader, Steve, for helpful hints on sizing the bracelet. It's been so long since I got a watch with them that I forgot all about pin and collar bracelets...duh.
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