WTB/T for an auto gunmetal diablo


Tyme Twister
Sep 28, 2014
It's rare occurrence these days that an invicta watch catches my eye. I picked up the silver tone black on sale and am pleased with it. I passed on the gunmetal, because one of my invicta peeves is when they only plate the 1st 2 center links and leave the rest of bracelet bare. It's just cheap in my opinion. The Silvertone was the only version that has the full center links throughout the bracelet. But I've yet to obtain a gunmetal watch In my collection. I did have the Gunmetal sniper in my possession but I sold it, simply because my carzy schedule is too busy for the 45 minute plus time it takes to drive to the jewelers and get a change.
If you have one, ideally new still in the plastic, or sized but mint, because you have a Steve-like collection and rarely wear your timepieces more than once 😁, please hit me up.
No interest in the quartz Chronograph version, just the auto below...

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