The coolest watch on the track - but is it really an Omega?


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Jul 17, 2014
The coolest watch on the track - but is it really an Omega?

Sep 11, 2021

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Today we're working on a very cool Omega Speedmaster Reduced Michael Schumacher Racing Edition... yeah, try to say that fast ten times while you're eating an orange.
The watch is in overall very good condition apart from a thoroughly scratched crystal, but the 1141 movement inside really needs a service to provid the performance this watch should have.

Join us for a full service of this modular beast as we find out why this one is called a Speedmaster "Reduced"! We'll also discuss some scientific findings for the correlation between grumpiness and age and how acquiring a number of cheap Casio's could help mitigate mood swings.

00:00 Introduction and splitting the base movement and module
02:19 Disassembling the ETA 2890 base movement
05:26 Disassembling the Dubois Depraz 2000 chronograph module
07:49 Removing a broken screw with the Bergeon screw extractor
09:02 Re-assembling the ETA 2890 base movement
16:25 Re-assembling the DD2000 chronograph module
23:52 Re-fitting the dial and hands
27:29 Repairing the scratched crystal
28:50 Re-casing the movement
30:09 Ready to wear!

manual for this movement:

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