Sinn R-500 Bullhead Newest Arrival

Another winner Stan. Wear it well.

The rest of the industry needs to take note.
Legibility. That is Sinn’s number one calling card. If Sinn can make the effort to integrate a date wheel and quieten down a challenging aesthetic to the point at which it is downright delicious, the rest of the industry needs to take note. This is, to my eyes, the opposite of laziness on Sinn’s part. And it really makes their competitors look bad.

Divine proportions​

Secondly, the seconds hand in that very same 6 o’clock sub-dial has one of the most divinely proportioned counterpoises I have ever seen. The needle-thin hand curtails in a short-sticked lollipop for the ages. And if you didn’t think you’d read those words when you got out of bed this morning, don’t worry; I didn’t think I’d write them either.

still a bullhead chronograph.
But as good as the Sinn R500 chronograph in titanium is, the fact its production is limited to 300 pieces does strike me as a wise limitation. Why? Well, as good as this watch is for what it is, it is still a bullhead chronograph. And, as much as I’m sure it would love to be judged in isolation from its competitors, it does exist in a sorely crowded market segment.

Sinn R500 Ti.010

It has all the credentials of a daily beater. A Valjoux 7750, 12 o’clock PR indicator, water-resistant to 200 meters, Anti-magnetic as per DIN 8309, and a 4Hz operating frequency, paint this piece as the perfect partner. However, it is still a bullhead chronograph. It is — and this is to its credit, really — an occasional piece more than it is a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of Sinn. Those models exist from the brand, of course, but this bullishly charming entrant is a little bit more. For the Sinn connoisseur, looking for something to spice up their collection, I couldn’t recommend this one more. Priced at €3,950, the waiting time for delivery is seven weeks at the time of writing.
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