Rolex buys Bucherer

Rolex SHOCKS the Watch World - Rolex Acquires Largest Watch Retailer Bucherer​

Teddy Baldassarre
Aug 24, 2023

In shocking news, Rolex announced that they will be acquiring Bucherer. In this video, I share some of my initial thoughts.

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HUGE ROLEX NEWS!!! What Does This Mean For Watch Buyers?​

Federico Talks Watches
Aug 25, 2023


This is the end of authorized Rolex dealers​

Jenni Elle
Aug 25, 2023

Rolex has bought Bucherer and everyone within the watch world is talking about it right now - and for a very good reason! Is Rolex now following Audemars Piguets path to a boutique only concept?

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In this Video:

0:00 Teaser
0:58 What we're covering in this video
1:32 Bucherers history with Rolex
3:06 Why it made sense to sell NOW
4:29 What Rolex has to say about the buy
5:16 What do other brands think about this?
7:17 Rolex partnerships with ADs in the past
8:59 How much autonomy do ADs actually have
10:35 competition authority and the Rolex / Bucherer deal
12:30 The affect it will have on the customer
12:48 Current situation at ADs
14:38 Our watch rolls are out soon!
15:23 Kais recent experience at two ADs in Munich
20:32 News about sales associate training
23:30 The middle men and current AD store concepts
25:00 Reason why Rolex customer experience is lacking
26:52 The future of waitlists due to this change
28:15 Waitlists will stay and here's why
31:40 Are they going to go down the boutique route?
35:50 What's with other AD concessions?
37:00 Small ADs are getting the boot

Rolex Checkmated EVERYONE... But There's MORE​

Talking Hands | Andrew Morgan Watches
Aug 27, 2023

Rolex checkmated everyone... but there's more. If you think buying Bucherer was the endgame move for Rolex, you're mistaken. It's just the beginning.

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Rolex Buys Bucherer and THIS happened!​

Adrian Barker
Aug 29, 2023

Rolex buys luxury retailed Bucherer, and Watches Of Switzerland share prices crashed!

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Rolex buys Bucherer - Seiko and IWC MAJOR Fails​

Rolex buys Bucherer - Seiko and IWC MAJOR Fails

Bruce Williams
Aug 31, 2023

Rolex buys Bucherer. Tudor raises prices. IWC limits general appeal. And Seiko's hilarious value in the SJE093. I touch on it all today. Does it matter though? Even if brand's generally did what we as enthusiasts want them to do... would sales increase enough?

0:00 - 2:04 Rolex playing 4D chess?
2:04 - 3:46 Tudor chipping away at their value?
3:46 - 6:00 IWC messing with us
6:00 - 8:08 Seiko's ridiculous SJE093
8:08 - 9:51 What should brans focus on?
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