new Sub 300 beta Sharkhunter


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Aug 14, 2014

Destined to defy dress codes, ready for any mission. The SUB 300 β Sharkhunter features a black ceramic case, 18K 3N gold bezel and crown – a tool watch engineering meets sleek urban flair.​


The SUB 300β Sharkhunter – true as ever to the DOXA SUB’s signature technical attributes. β for ‘beta’, for beyond the conventional. Because it’s not just about re-combining colors, materials and textures. Always in touch with the contemporary lifestyle, and aware that diving watches need to adapt to city life, DOXA created a watch with a perfect blend of urban sophistication and contemporary elegance.

Starting from the premise that a sports watch should feel right under any circumstance, the SUB 300β Sharkhunter retains all of its original DNA while cultivating a sleeker, more stylish appeal. Here, DOXA ever so slightly reworked the design to achieve a slimmer watch, resulting in a profile of just 11.95 mm (13.65 mm for the SUB 300T) as well as a lower bezel height (by 0.5 mm) compared to the SUB 300T.

The result is extravagance with a sense of proportion and a choice of materials that connect the watch to our time. A way of juxtaposing elements that seems to have been waiting beneath the surface all along: the black ceramic case, the matte grained dial with black-on-black markings… and the dazzling contrast with the mission-critical information provided by the hands and indexes, and the functional components of the bezel and crown in 18K 3N gold. The DOXA SUB 300β Sharkhunter comes on a black FKM rubber strap for a particularly comfortable fit.
:wink:A cool, and sporty looking piece, to be sure. (y)
Love the look but not the price. You could buy a Tactical Frog and one of the other brands and get it cerakoted and mod it to your liking for a fraction of the cost....even with a nicer movement. Then again you could do that with most watches. Just brainstorming my next thing lol
The SW200 movement sucks and the date as it stands misses the mark. I get the look they were going for, but that's just me. IMHO. They should have tried a few different things with the date.


FIRST LOOK: The Doxa SUB 300β Sharkhunter Black Ceramic & Gold​

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Sep 26, 2023
Doxa is synonymous with wrist-worn mechanical diving instruments. The brand has pioneered several firsts in the industry, such as the double scale for the bezel insert to determine the speed of an ascent without the need for decompression stops. Introduced in 1967, this style of bezel can be found on pretty much all of Doxa’s watches, except for the SUB 200 collection (including the chronographs).

Where most Doxa’s are graced in bright orange, or any of the other colourful tones, a completely black Doxa is a rarity. Sure, there have been instances where Doxa played around with a full black case, such as the SUB 300 Carbon, but always with a certain degree of very vibrant colours. Breaking with tradition though, Doxa now introduces a style never seen before, and one that is surely going to spark debate amongst purists. Nevertheless, the new Doxa SUB 300β Sharkhunter is a Doxa diving instrument through and through.

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