New pair of steel shoes for SAN IV 0521


Tyme Teller
Mar 9, 2023
After much struggle with this watch trying to find a strap or steel bracelet to fit it, I took the advice of a member her and purchased a bracelet from Invicta watch straps in Utah to fit my 3 hand sw200 auto ' boy' watch and it worked..sort of. The one 6 o'clock position the t bar fits fine the other dude it sticks out a little. Took it to my watch guy and he said you need me to drill a hole through the other side of the bracelet as the diameter is a bit smaller for the screw and shaft to fit all the way through.


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Pics sorry


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I wouldn't do any drilling on anything. Did you try swapping sides to see if it fits in the other? I've had correct parts that were made to fit, but they were off just a hair. I've had other lug bars where the holes in the case and bracelet were not drilled/cut out the same causing a similar issue. I've seen the same thing happen on Steinhart.
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That looks great. I would definitely try something in getting it corrected. Maybe exchanging it for another. Good luck.

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Thanks guys. I will try flipping sides with the buckle facing towards me. I thinks it's an imperfection of varying degree in the tooling of the bracelet .got some options..Reorder another one..flip the bracelet to opposite lugs or filing/drilling. My watch guy is also a jeweler good with metals..Still better on a bracelet that a 175 $ Poly Strap .
IMHO it's the best money you could have spent. The trinket on your wrist is better than in the scrap pile.

I've ordered an OEM bracelet direct from Steinhart and had the same thing happen. One side was not machined correctly and the lug bar head couldn't be sucked in when screwing in the threaded head. It was easier to just use the jewelers broach to get the clearance needed instead of sending it back to Germany.

The last thing you want to do it use force trying to suck it down. The threads will snap.
I agree with Mike. Don't start drilling stuff. Get some small files and just slowly work what you can to get everything to line up. I think anytime you mass produce anything these kind of things happen. Unfortunately in the watch game tiny tiny measurements can really throw a monkey wrench into everything.
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