How To - Custom Fit The Stem To Your Watch


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Jul 17, 2014

How To - Custom Fit The Stem To Your Watch​

Step 7 - Watch Me Resize my Stem​

Watch Me Build It
Jun 28, 2024 KILDARE

The Namoki MB78 DIY Kit is a beautiful starting point for the aspiring watch builder. It pays homage to some of the most famous dive-watches of the 1950’s, yet it is an extremely accessible build. The bezel and crystal are pre-installed and the stem is pre-sized to make the build simple and quick. The price of the DIY kit represents amazing value and this will prove to be a fulfilling project for all who take up the challenge.

I have created this series of videos as a step-by-step playlist to help you build your MB78 DIY watch kit OR any simple dive watch kit from Namoki or other suppliers. [This playlist does NOT include information on how to install a chapter ring, how to install a crystal and how to install a bezel and spring].
I will list links below to each of the videos. Click on any of these to go directly to the video that you need to watch.

If you want to buy your own MB78 watch kit please click on the affiliate link below:

Don’t forget to use the discount code WMBI5 at checkout to earn a 5% discount on the MB78 kit.

Here are the links to all of the videos in this series:
Watch Me Review the Tools:
Watch Me Prepare the Dial:
Watch Me Prepare the Movement:
Watch Me Install the Dial:
Watch Me Install the Hour and Minute Hands:
Watch Me Case the Movement:
Watch Me Re-size the Stem:
Watch Me Install the Crown:
Watch Me Install the Case-back:
Watch Me Install the Bezel Insert:
Watch Me Install the Bracelet:
Watch Me Resize the Bracelet:

Here are links to the tools which I use in the video:
Namoki DIY tool kit (Not NEEDED if you buy the MB78 Kit)
Namoki Movement Cushion
Namoki Movement Holder
Namoki Gasket Lubricator
Bergeon Watchmaker Loupe
AliExpress Tape
AliExpress Long-nose Pliers
AliExpress Vernier Digital Caliper
AliExpress Watch Oil
AliExpress Watch Oiler
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