Holiday Trio- Two Tudors(79830rb and 79230n) and a Holiday Ball (Roadmaster Icebreaker M 904l)


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Jun 3, 2020
Holiday Trio.jpg

Just added a 79230n to the collection. I love the gilt and the faux patina.

I added this b/c I am most certainly hoping that this takes care of my Rolex Submariner No Date (124060) bug. It just seems hard to get rid of. My watch guy says he can get me one by end of 1st qtr. However, I do not buy watches to flip and the thought of spending $8100.00 on a watch with 2 kids going to college in a few years just seems crazy,,,, Right???

Edit... It just seems crazy straight up, you don't have to have kids going to college... LOL thanks

I don't know. What the heck. Happy Holidays to everyone. Best wishes to all for 2021.
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