Hands-On Debut: Tornek-Rayville Type 7B ‘BlakJak NH36’ Watch $895.00


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Jul 17, 2014
3 Class Leading Military Dive Watches Under $1,500 - CWC SBS, Tornek-Rayville, & Marathon GSAR

Mar 29, 2022

Teddy Baldassarre

In this video, I'll take a look at three of the best military-inspired dive watches, some with actual history of military issue and others with designs informed by the needs of military divers. What do you think of these three watches? Are there other military dive watches you think we should have included here?

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Tornek Rayville – Type 7B 'Blakjak' a Mil-Spec Must Have, Dive capable Field watch Review​

Average Bros [Mark Alamares]
Feb 9, 2024

• Closing thoughts:
o On wrist – Wear a lot like an SKX007 or Turtle re-issue but feels a lot sharper and better defined
o Model variants – Also available with a 12Hr travel offset bezel insert
o Comparable models – Sure, you could compare this to an ultra-premium Seiko-Mod BUT then you’d be discounting Tornek-Rayville’s brand heritage, so a better comparison might be something like a Marathon GSAR to which the ‘Blakjak’ offers a better build and overall package for about ½ the cost
o Bottom-line – If you love mil-subs, you’ll likely love the Tornek-Rayville Type 7B ‘Blakjak’






Case Width

42.50 mm (bezel diameter)
Case Thickness13.20 mm
Case Length49.00 mm end to end
Lug Width22.00 mm
Weight103 grams ( without strap )
CrystalFlat sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating on interior surface only
LuminousSuper LumiNova (BGW9)
MovementMade in Japan SII NH36, quickset date, hack setting, automatic with manual winding capability. Custom day/date wheels (English/Roman Numerals). Movement origin: Made in Japan
Water Resistance20 ATMs ( 200 meters )
Case FinishMirror polished and satin finished 316L stainless steel
Other• Country of Origin: Made in Japan

• Triple-gasket screw-down crown

• 120 click unidirectional bezel with DLC coated engraved stainless steel bezel.
• Timed in 3 positions



  • Quick change steel Bracelet
  • Rubber Dive Strap - 22mm
  • Maratac™ “Mil Series” black nylon strap - 22mm


  • Begins February 10, 2024

Overall, everything about the Tornek-Rayville Type 7B “BlakJak” feels incredibly solid, and it is obvious that quite a lot of thought and consideration went into both its concept and design. With an official retail price of 895 USD, the new Tornek-Rayville Type 7B “BlakJak” is hardly the least expensive way to get your hands on this rather ubiquitous Seiko caliber, although a reliable workhorse movement is an entirely appropriate choice for a rugged tool watch. Besides, what you are really paying for when buying any utilitarian three-handed timepiece of this nature is everything else beyond its internal movement anyway. Given that Tornek-Rayville never had the opportunity to properly exist as a company until its recent revival, it largely missed out on the golden era of the purpose-built analog timepiece, and I find it incredibly creative that the brand has decided to use an alternate timeline as the basis for its inspiration to place itself back into history as if it had simply continued to remain in operation throughout the years as a supplier of military watches. For more information on the Tornek-Rayville Type 7B “BlakJak” watch, please visit the brand’s website.
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