H2O in the works / 02.04.2024 Exactly this week and 14 years ago I established the H2O watch GmbH. KALMAR 2 25000M in black DLC Crystalized Titanium


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Jul 17, 2014

H2O in the works / 02.04.2024

Exactly this week and 14 years ago I established the H2O watch GmbH. I would like to launch something special this week for the H2O KALMAR 2 25000M in black DLC. And this is the plan for the SIX cases we have left over before the 25000M DLC version is sold out:

1. Special 60H Power Reserve Movement
2. Heat colored Timascus bezel and crown / just FOUR of this version could be produced
3. Full black dial or black2blue could be chosen

Additionally I´m experimenting right now with a special crystalized titanium dial version. The production is quite dangerous as the acid used could cause serious health problems and immediately burns skin or eyes once it gets into contact.

Also this acid is only allowed to be purchased under strict government control due to its dual purpose usage. It is an ingrediant for explosive production and I have received in the meantime three written requests from my supplier to exactly describe the usage of the acid and how much is left back. That´s a crazy world and I never experienced such security matters in the past 14 years when purchasing acids.

The acid is so strong that it brings out pattern from the inside of the titanium material within seconds. From my acids it´s the only one which is able to etch titanium in this way and within 5-10 seconds.

Worrying and scary! Get it on your finger and its right down to the bone. Don´t think it´s worth to take these risks for dial production, but here is the result after etching and heat coloring!

BTW, the tiny 0.20mm holes in the dial are needed to position the applied marker and the bigger 0.60mm holes are filled with glue to fix the marker on the dial. One dial takes about 3-4 hours to be produced.

H2O in the works / 16.04.2024
Today I finished the CRYSTALIZE TITANIUM dial for the H2O KALMAR 2 25000M series. The crystalized structure comes out with incredible details which I have never seen in structure and color on a dial before. Lots of grinding & polishing, etching and heat coloring was required to achieve this result. Several hours of my handwork went into the production of this single dial. And not too mention the broken dials.



I don't care for those lopped off stick markers and the Arabic combo. Make it one or the other. If all hours having lume is the objective this is not they way to do it IMHO.
COMING SOON: FINAL SALE of 12 pieces of the H2O KALMAR 2 25000M in TITANIUM

I will offer my final reserve of 12 pieces of the H2O KALMAR 2 25000M in TITANIUM with different dials, which was sold out in the shop the past months. Once these 12 pieces are gone the H2O KALMAR 2 25000M in TITANIUM is sold out.

H2O in the works / 16.04.2024 / Part 2
A dial without the watch is worthless. 🙂
You could choose between two inlays (15sec filled with SL + stealth inlay).


Meteorite dial for the H2O KALMAR DEEP DIVER

I´m currently shooting the images for the product launch tomorrow and here is one close-up showing the WIDMANNSTAETTEN structure of the meteorite material. This pattern is coming out after etching. Every single dial I saw might be unique and the pattern is not repeating from what I could see.

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