H2O BLACK SALE 2023 now Live - No Date Dial METEORITE (K2 10 Miles Series) First time in 12 years I´m offering such unique dial

interesting that Clemens decided to make new dial for the Kalmar chrono but its not that different than what was already on offer...
This one looks nice in bronze/blue chronograph. I bounced it around to use with a ZELOS 22mm bronze bracelet. The Kalmar lug bars might be an issue with the ZELOS end links made for spring bars. The H20 bracelet is made for wider bars where as the ZELOS is made for standard spring bars.
Out of the bunch I'm partial to the "Green Ocean". I do own a Kalmar and it is nice, but has a lot of limitations with the thick and beefier case size of 53.4 L2L vs 51mm L2L and the difference in height is massive.

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