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Guess what? LOL I grabbed andother watch!


Tyme Machine
Mar 13, 2015
I had a ton of errands to run today. Needed to pick up a guitar that has been in the shop for years and drop another project off! Not that is wasn't done I just never picked it up, luckily they are friends. So on my way home I did what I had to do and decided to cut thru the mall and stop at TJ Maxx. I just got a $20.00 rewards in the mail and as usual it was burning a hole in my pocket. I got the the jewelry counter and saw NOTHING I was interested in. Noticed the girl had a couple dozen watch boxes on the island and asked her if they were new she said they were going to be marked down. Of course I asked to see. I saw this one was $80.00 she checked it and it was $64.00 with the $20.00 rewards $44.00 how could I not take it home! Not my best deal but it's been 24hrs since i bought a new watch. :banghead: It's another Pro Diver, I swear they beat the crap out of the name.:whip: Pretty cool Quartz Chrono green dial and bezel 48mm so it's that size I like. Didn't help the cute girl next to me liked it. The girl behind the counter said "he's always picks out some pretty watches." It's bad when they know what you buy so well.



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Tyme Master
Founding Member
Jul 17, 2014
Hard to beat for $44.00. It's a good looking watch, congrats. The color scheme reminds me of this one.



Tyme Machine
Jul 23, 2019
Great story! And a great watch! I bought that model for my brother, on bracelet. He loves it, and gets tons of compliments on it. A terrific green!
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