Group Yard Sale for Buddy's Dad REDUCED PRICES


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Jul 15, 2014
Here are a handful that belonged to my buddy's dad that passed. All the proceeds are going to the estate and for funeral expenses. I hope these are great prices. If they are high, holler with an offer. If you want specs and all that please holler and I will send them to you. I think most of us know the pieces. No boxes or papers. USPS on me. PP or Venmo (preferred). Thanks everyone

Strap is soft and in good shape. No marks on the case or crystal. New battery. Great piece!! No box or papers.

67E6F4BD-02F3-4B7C-A285-3760F2CB14E9 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
A4273E0B-9C26-40ED-8345-2B3B442B89B9 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
FDDE4CAD-8D0D-4BC1-84FE-8B60F352D463 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
A47C85A2-E8ED-4F23-AAA4-80883B929008 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr

It's in great shape. A few tiny marks on the bezel. Crystal is clean. New battery. Strap looks new. No box or papers. When i changed the battery it did not have an O Ring and i did not have any that would fit it...just fyi

071C0ABE-072B-49F8-A57E-658E0C3DC87D by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
9A77D6D8-BFDA-4F95-8FA5-627D2FECD814 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
C53F8808-73B2-4DEF-81C5-8540516A51C9 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
B168B9F0-7837-4306-86C8-C8FDCA4F4F1B by Brad Sotak, on Flickr

Perfect work watch. The strap is super soft and comfy. New battery. Bezel and crystal have a few tiny marks I tried to catch. The marks on the crystal are super fine and not noticeable unless the light is at the right angle. Really light as well

B7EAA2F4-E715-47F3-BA1E-9C9F58F155DB by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
F8846FA1-8201-4FD2-833C-EE1073FDC77C by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
CE93AD07-8048-4310-A427-6B2051FD5C78 by Brad Sotak, on Flickr
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