FS - Casio AE1500 modified with silicone oil fill (hydromod) and/or module swaps.


Tyme Twister
Jan 6, 2020
Here for sale are three Casio AE1500 Wide Face digital watches that have been modified.


The negative display has been swapped to all black case and strap with red accents and filled with silicone oil.


The positive display has been swapped into the gray case and strap with blue accents and filled with silicone oil.


The stock positive display with black case and strap with red accents has been filled with silicone oil and the case back slightly polished with micro scratches still visible.


Shipped Priority USPS.

Thanks for looking.

All three for $145 $135 $125

Silicone oil filled cases improves digital display visibility, water resistance and eliminates completely the possibility of fogging inside the crystal. It does, however void the Casio warranty.

Since I could not hear the alarm before I can't compare but I would caution that the oil will mute the alarm making it inaudible to even good ears. So if you use the alarms this hydromod is not for you.
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