eBay offers "Authenticity Guarantee" for luxury watches


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Dec 15, 2018
Expert authentication for luxury watches vetted by industry professionals.
Get expert authentication and verified returns.​

We’re introducing Authenticity Guarantee to protect sellers of luxury wristwatches sold domestically for $2,000 or more with verified returns. Your listings are exposed to 174 million active buyers. With Authenticity Guarantee you can sell luxury watches with peace of mind and buyers can shop with confidence.

When a luxury watch sells with the “Authenticity Guarantee” badge, the seller will ship their item to our authentication partner for verification of condition and authenticity. Following verification, the authentication partner will ship the watch to the buyer. eBay covers all costs in the authentication process including two-day secure delivery from the authentication partner to the buyer.

If a buyer initiates a return of an inspected watch, they will be required to send it to our authentication partner who will confirm that it's in the same condition in which it was sold. Our authentication partner will then return the watch to you. eBay covers all return shipping costs.

Item eligibility

Watches listed in the wristwatches category and sold for $2,000 or more are eligible for Authenticity Guarantee.

Smart watches, watch parts, and accessories are not eligible for Authenticity Guarantee. Items specified as “Customized” are not eligible for authentication. Customized is defined as original brand parts that have been replaced with non-brand parts or parts not original to the model or era, or components that are modified from the original design. Local pickup-only listings are not eligible for Authenticity Guarantee.

If your item is eligible for authentication, an Authenticity Guarantee badge will automatically appear on the item listing.

When you sell the luxury watch domestically for more than $2,000, your order details will reflect the coverage and our authentication partner’s ship-to address will appear in place of the buyer’s address. You’ll receive email updates from eBay throughout the verification process.

How Authenticity Guarantee works

When you sell a luxury watch covered by Authenticity Guarantee

1.You list your luxury watch. If your item qualifies for Authenticity Guarantee, it will automatically be given program badging. Your item will show an estimated delivery date including 2 days at the authenticator and 2 days shipping to the customer.
2.Ship your luxury watch to our authenticator. When your item sells, your order will automatically update with our authentication partner's address. Expedited shipping with insurance is recommended when shipping to the authenticator.
3.Your luxury watch is inspected. Our authentication partner will check the item against the listing description, verify each part of the item, and then ship it to the buyer with a unique authentication card.
4.Your luxury watch is delivered. Your item is given additional premium packaging and sent to the customer via 2-day shipping with signature required.
If a buyer returns a luxury watch covered by Authenticity Guarantee

1.The buyer ships your luxury watch to our authentication partner. The buyer is required to send the item to our authentication partner and will be provided with a free return label.
2.Item verification. Our authentication partner will inspect and evaluate your item’s condition. You are protected if the item is damaged or altered upon return.
3.The luxury watch is shipped to you. Our authentication partner will send the item to you via 2-day shipping with signature required. All return shipping costs are covered by eBay.
For full program details and eligibility requirements, learn more here.

As always, thank you for selling on eBay.​
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