Borealis UMI super compressor case NH35 or NH38 Dials (40.5mm case/48mm L2L/20mm lugs) Opening Soon/Carlos Carvalho, has decided to step down


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Jul 17, 2014

Introducing the Borealis UMI - a watch for explorers, adventurers, and those who appreciate the finer things in life. The UMI is inspired by the Ursa Minor constellation, also known as the Little Dipper. This constellation has been used for centuries by mariners to navigate the seas and is a symbol of guidance and direction. The UMI is a true supercompressor diver watch, measuring 40.5mmx48mm with 20mm lugs. This watch is powered by a Seiko NH35 (date versions) or a Seiko NH38 automatic movement (no date versions) which makes it extremely accurate and dependable.

The UMI's unique case design increases water resistance to a level that makes it perfect for diving and other water activities. The watch also features two crowns, one for setting the time and another for adjusting the internal rotating bezel that is used to track dive time. This design is reminiscent of the vintage supercompressor watches of the 1950s and 1960s, which are now considered a classic design. The UMI also boasts Swiss Made BGW9 lume, ensuring clear visibility in low light conditions, which is a must-have feature for any diver watch.

The Borealis UMI is not just a watch, it's a symbol of adventure, exploration, and the pursuit of excellence. It's a watch for those who appreciate the finer things in life and want to make a statement with their timepiece. It's a watch for those who want to stand out from the crowd. With its unique design and superior functionality, the Borealis UMI is a must-have for any watch collector and adventurer alike. Get your hands on this iconic timepiece today and make a statement with the Borealis UMI.

Watch specs:

  • case size: 40.5mm x 48mm
  • lug width: 20mm
  • real supercompressor case
  • movement: Seiko SII NH38 Automatic Movement
  • BGW9 super luminova applied to hands, dial, bezel
  • yellow superluminova applied to bezel
  • PVD coated case and bracelet

Pre-Order Expected Fulfilment​

Delivery of the Pre-Order expected to occur during September/October 2023 though unforeseen delays may occur.







They're all sold out. Kinda was debating on snagging one, but appears the decision has been made for me. Didn't expect they'd all go bye-bye.
Borealis UMI super compressor case back. Pre-orders opening soon


Developed in the late-fifties by Ervin Piquerez SA (EPSA), a (Super)compressor dive watch has a patented spring mechanism between the case and the caseback. This system made the watch more water-resistant the deeper it went, as the increased pressure sealed the case tighter and tighter. Watches with this type of construction were regularly rated at 200m water-resistance or more.




So, a real supercompressor case for a $400 watch? Awesome! (But I still want to see the bracelet clasp!)
Important Update from Borealis Watch Company!

We wanted to reach out to our valued customers with an important change in our operations management. After much consideration, our Head of Operations, Carlos Carvalho, has decided to step down and focus on other projects.

We are thrilled to announce that Maria Ivanova will be taking over the management of operations at Borealis. Maria brings a wealth of experience to the role and we are confident that our customers will greatly benefit from her leadership. Under Maria's guidance, you can expect even greater support and more efficient handling of operations.

We would like to thank our customers for their continued support and partnership. It has been a privilege to serve you and we remain committed to providing the best possible service and support.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to Maria or any member of our team.
Thank you for your understanding and for supporting Borealis Watch Company!

Best regards,
Carlos Carvalho

Borealis was founded in 2013 by Maria Ivanova (Portugal), with help from Carlos Carvalho from another dive-watch microbrand, Prometheus.


Would like to introduce you and my brand. My name is Maria Ivanova and I have created some months ago Borealis Watch Company.

I am based in Portugal and worked for a few years in the watch industry. For the ones asking my connection with Prometheus Watch Company yes I have worked and still do for Prometheus but I have created a new watch company with some help of Mr. Carvalho from Prometheus.

However watch brands are unrelated and all business decisions related with Borealis Company are taken solely by me.

With this venture both we and Prometheus get some savings in costs as we can this way increase orders with suppliers and share some of the costs of distribution network passing out savings to customers of both brands.′-with-carlos-carvalho-ceo-of-prometheus-and-borealis-watches/
Dear clients and community,

Over the past months we are all too aware that our approach to marketing and sales has alienated many of you, and that is the polar opposite of the effect we wanted to have.

To this end, Borealis will stop taking any new orders for a period of two weeks and reopening February 18th.
This timeframe will allow us to take a step back and re-evaluate the brand and our goals.

The recent issues are never to be repeated and we wish to sincerely apologise for any misrepresentation or misunderstanding caused through our actions. Please bear with us during this reset time, all existing orders will be honoured, there is no question of that. And we will come back refreshed and with a new Borealis that will let us once again bring our design language to the world, the way we intended and the way we originally started. Stay tuned for more information…
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