Borealis Neptuno: Bracelets Are Ready 06/25/21 🤿 Would like to wish you a Happy 🍾 🥳 ☺️ 🥳 🍾 2021

Bracelets for the Borealis Neptuno are now ready. About to start assembly of bracelets to the watch cases.

You are receiving this email as you have pre-ordered a Borealis Neptuno. As promised during pre-order the no date versions have been updated to a NH38 movement.

Upon receiving the watches we have noticed that the no date versions mention the NH35 movement in the case back. A NH38 movement is being used. This however does not affect operations nor pose any issue wearing it.

The watches without a date window feature a NH38 movement that do not have any ghost position and upon unscrewing crown only one click is required to hack movement and set time as intended.

We have created a coupon code that you may use in our store until the end of the year for a 15% discount over any article available.

Thank you for your understanding.
Best Regards,
Carlos Carvalho

Borealis Watch Company
Our mailing address is:
Borealis Watch Company
Av. Miguel Bombarda
39, 2Esq
Amadora 2700-581

:hmm: The main thing is the correct no date movement is inside. I'm a little perplexed after the Eagle Ray case back issue this happened again.

Clarification on the water resistance information on the Prometheus Eagle Ray

You are receiving this email as you have pre-ordered a Prometheus Eagle Ray.

You may have noticed that the case back of the watch states its water resistance is rated to 500m and the dial is of 300m.

The watch has been engineered and tested to 500m. However during tests it was noticed that after a few tests on the same watch the crown that operates the internal bezel would start to wear faster after exposure to 50ATM (500m pressure).

It was therefore decided that the watch would be labelled instead as 300m water resistance (avoiding crown fatigue).

As this was decided after casebacks were made there is a mismatch between dial and case back information.

However this does not compromise whatsoever the water resistance rating of watch and can be used safely without any fatigue up to 300m. More than that pressure crown fatigue may occur though the watch is able to withstand it during submerge.

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Saw the email this morning. It’s frustrating as they are not a brand new or kick starter company. I don’t plan on getting ride of it, so guess it wont matter in the long run.
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