Borealis – Sea Storm MK2 GMT; Production Follow Up Review

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Borealis Watch Company
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I like the watch, but after reading up on the NH34 movement, not real thrilled. Much rather have the Zelos Spearfish with the SW330-1. My slow season has begun and I need to be a little picky.
Oh I'm sure the 34 will run like a John Deere tractor right with the rest of the NH's, but at the moment, if I'm going GMT, I'd rather have a higher end movement. I'm sure a 34 will find it's way to my front porch somewhere down the line.

Borealis Sea Storm MK2 GMT assembly ongoing


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photo courtesy of Andy W.

It turned out to be a good thing for me when Carlos cancelled my order. I'm not too crazy about how this color turned out compared to the CGI renders that were shown.
:wink:Thanks for adding this post, Mike.:hat:
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