Blacktip Titanium Miyota 9015 titanium updates Drop around mid-November pricing starts around $529.00


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Jul 17, 2014
Some of you have seen these prototypes but here's the full details and some videos.

The Blacktip titanium updates the case slightly to follow the GMTs, with its squarish lugs and slightly larger crown for easier operation. There will be 5 colorways for this drop which is a bit fewer than other lines but with increased quantities per colorway so hopefully it makes things smoother.

The Aventurine model features the very first aventurine bezel with epoxy coating to protect it as its a brittle material. The MOP mosaic has a new fume teal dye with new mosaic sunburst pattern, and with a full teal MOP bezel too. The burnt orange and frost are classics, but they have a layer of enamel over them for a slight glossiness. The black ceramic bezels have raised markings and a matte/polished finish for a toolish look.

The new blacktips should drop around the later half of Nov after we are done with all SF shipments. Prices will be around $529 for the regular dials.

No orange Aventurine.

Quick Specs
41mm Dia, 47.5mm L2L
Thickness: 12mm
200m WR
Miyota 9015 movement
Gr2 Ti Case and bracelet with 1200Hv hardened coating
Quick adjust clasp and QR bracelet, drilled lug holes


Will try once again for aventurine, gonna get one in the .000357 second race eventually, but if missing out yet again thinking the burnt orange looks good.
400 Aventurine made. Should hopefully be easy this time around. Some are already crying too many being made .. I wonder why.


It was very nice to see those flipppers cry for several days. I save up and only have the budget to get something once in awhile. I have been lucky enough to get what I wanted but never have tried for the more limited/ expensive models.
Will this be $429 launch special? I sure hope so as it's a miyota 9015 just like the Mako.
The movement is only part of the equation. Titanium has always been more. The Titanium Hammerhead models with the NH35 were $429.00 for the regular dials. As mentioned these will start at $529.00 for the regular dials.
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