Artist Skull Watches


Tyme Warper
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Jul 15, 2014
An interesting design, in seven executions, to intrigue those folks who dig the Skull Motif. :wink: Thanks Steve. :hat:


Tyme Machine
Mar 13, 2015
When I first saw these I had to have one! I was lucky one night when I was out at a club and one of the local rappers/DJs was there wearing one. I asked about it etc and he let me try it on and although I liked the design I just didn't care for it. I would never think a watch was too big but this actually is. This is one I wish they made in a woman's size. 50mm wide I can wear but the length killed it, I had no way to measure the watch but going by the 50mm width I would say the length is like 70 to 75mm. My wrist is only 60mm 6 3/4" around the watch stuck out so far it wasn't comfortable and it looked odd on my wrist. I am glad I just didn't get one out of the blue I would have probably sent it back. Obviously people like them because they sell out pretty quick. I remember the first batch was gone fairly quick. If they ever make these where the length is no more than 55mm I would consider it. I like pretty much anything with skulls and even if it didn't get much wrist time it would be displayed with the rest of my skull themed watches.
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