Aragon Concept S Automatic. 50mm case, 50mm lug to lug, gigantic sapphire, Timascus dial Debuts on Thursday 12pm est.


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Jul 17, 2014
Debuts on Thursday 12pm est.

The brand new Aragon Concept S Automatic. 50mm case, 50mm lug to lug, gigantic sapphire, SII NH35, wr200m, inward jet engine style screw down crown. Price start from $250 and up.


Teal Sunray Dial
Well at least it has a sapphire crystal.
It's raining trinkets Steve and it's not just April showers, but enough to do some damage to even the fattest wallets. And no, I don't mean credit card wallet sciatica.

I asked for details via email and phone yesterday, got numthin. Wasn't Christina, some guy, goes my J, i think from previous emails.
Wing just told me it is not limited edition.
I don't have dial info but if there's a teal, there's probably not a platinum MOP... so I'm guessing white lume and black MOP as the 4 executions. Which mean the teal will be 250 and the others will have an upcharge of probably $20-30.
The Timascus looks intriguing.......not sure if just because it has sapphire to reduce haze I want to venture back into the brand......
If I was to buy it would be the Turquoise version. I am very surprised no mop dials.I always wanted the Green one in the old style one. Everything is reputisess now in dial colors. I want something different in a dial CF wouldn't been that bad. Even that is done before.
That dial is turquoise where I come from...
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The female nurses where I work would agree. They have been brutally honest with me when I treated my work shirts like my first watch collection.... had to have every color of the rainbow. Teal is their favorite color (at least on me), so I know it has green undertones.
That dial is definitely sky/baby blue.

Side note... women don't seem to like when guys wear solid Orange or yellow shirts. 😆
I'm a little disappointed... I expected a VIP email this morning regarding the new Concept, day early, and perhaps a discount of sorts. 🤨
They should go out sometime today, but there's never a discount with VIP day early offers. It's been that way since they started doing them which never really made much sense. I could see if the early offer provided an edge because of stuff that sells out in minutes, but most times the inventory lingers around.

I can see from Wing's point of view trying to avoid issues with customers. I've seen some say they purchased from Android and Aragon and are not on a VIP list. I can imagine the lambasting he would likely receive if there was also a VIP discount.
Wing "officially" stated Thursday, but Christina said probably late tonight. They apparently don't even have them in the office yet because I asked about bracelet width. His go-to size for 50s is usually 24mm. The original had a 26mm, but also had a 3mm wider case.
To me it looks like the old Android bracelets they were selling for the Gauge models. He made them in assorted sizes. I grabbed several in 22, 24 and 26 mm widths when he liquidated stuff for the Google settlement name change.



:hmm: Now he says it's spaceship inspired, but originally the concept was the dashboard of automobiles.


It totally was 😆.

Official confirmation... Bracelet is 24mm wide. I may be in the minority here, I just think a wider Bracelet is more esthetically pleasing, and balances the case better so you don't have to size so tight.

I'm still grabbing 1, but would have considered multiple with a 26mm. May sound crazy to some, buy I personally notice a significant difference in those 2 mms.

Even for those that prefer a smaller case size, a wider bracelet gives the wrist presence of a larger watch but feels smaller.
Case in point, the Oakley Time Tank/Minute Machine case size at a mere 43mm (yes the square does wear larger than round), but with a 28mm wide bracelet, this watch had a wrist presence similar to a 48, IMO.

As "innovative" as Wing is with his designs, I really wish he would consider more custom bracelets that taper smoothly off the lugs/case. Huge difference IMO. Other companies, and you guys know it hurts me deeply to kudo Incrapta, get/got it done regularly.

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