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After the Sunday Sale - Shipping - Slow Down and Think About the Person On the Other End


Tyme Master
Founding Member
Jul 17, 2014
it’s a good thing opening the box

Mar 18, 2020

Random Rob

After shipping over a thousand watches with zero issues, I can offer advice. I know some people wonder best way to ship. It’s not hard, just slow down and think about the person on the other end, make sure when they open the box it’s a good thing.



Tyme Twister
Founding Member
Jul 14, 2014
Being a 31 year plus postal carrier this guy gets it. This is how I pack them myself. I put bubble wrap or foam inside the watch box. stuff the shipping box until nothing moves. I use tons of tape. I know exactly what these packages go through as I live it everyday. Great advice and awesome this guy uses USPS but even if he was using any other carrier he is doing the right thing. Great advice and thanks for posting this as lots of people sell here. This is the way to do it.
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