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Hey fom Canada!

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    Welcome Pietro!

    Welcome to WatchinTyme, where you don't have to wipe your feet before entering! But don't bother me because I'm on my coffee break!


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      Welcome Pietro 😎
      I'm Al grew up in NJ now on SC estate surrounded by Llamas and horses.


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        Welcome friend. Show us your stuff


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        Welcome... We always enjoy having folks from a foreign land joining us!

        Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey...


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          Welcome and no body does it better than a tyme master except for da boss and da ambassadors

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        Welcome to THE best watch site on the webs, a safe, well-lighted place where you can enjoy this hobby/habit/disease (?) we all share. Everyone here is both friendly AND knowledgeable, and no one lords it over anyone else by acting like only THEY have all the answers. (We leave THAT type of obnoxiousness to our less-gracious "peer sites," made up of self-important goobs and poseurs...) At WIT, no one abuses anyone else, for ANY reason, most especially their taste in watches; mutual respect and camaraderie are common virtues shared here every day, and it truly IS a great place to learn, share and, yes, get shamelessly enabled in your search for ever more - and still more! - watches to add to the 'ol collezioni... So please hop in, check out a few threads, and post when you get the notion, but most of all, have FUN here! Again, welcome to WIT, betcha!
        "The truth is that there is not and will not be a master list of military personnel wounded on 911. Too many of our armed forces personnel opted to exercise their right under the Privacy Act of 1974 to prevent their names and medical conditions from being released both during and after their stays in civilian or military facilities ended." - VADM Donald Caldwell Arthur, Jr., USN(Ret.), Former Surgeon General of the United States Navy, 2004-2007


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          Welcome to the forum!


          Life is short...don't waste a minute of it. Gary