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    Agree wit you needed fitted end links, too bad.


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      I can tell you with a 100% certainty, I only get 35 hrs for the power reserve. This movement has been known to have issues with the power reserve. My watch is close to specs so for now I am not going to do anything.


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        Originally posted by pacco17 View Post
        I can tell you with a 100% certainty, I only get 35 hrs for the power reserve. This movement has been known to have issues with the power reserve. My watch is close to specs so for now I am not going to do anything.
        Good luck Stan. They state it averages about a 40-42 hour power reserve.

        u are here: Home / Movements / Soprod C125 Soprod C125

        JUNE 5, 2019 BY
        1910s 1920s 1930s 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s 2020s
        Cal. C125 is a modular automatic movement with a GMT function. Built on the Soprod A10-2 base (now known as M100), this movement differs from other GMT movements in that the “local” time (quick-set hours) is the 24 hour hand rather than the standard 12 hour hand. The date is similarly “tied” to the regular timekeeping hands, and pulls the GMT time along with it. This is due to the fact that the module uses the day mechanism rather than a unique gear train.

        The GMT module increases the movement thickness from 3.6 mm to 4.1 mm and the stem height from 1.5 mm to 2.0 mm. Interestingly, Hager claims that this movement is 5.67 mm thick, uses Novodiac rather than Incabloc, and has 40 hours power reserve.

        Formerly known as Calibre SOP 9384/A10-2, the movement was renamed Cal. C125 in 2016 when Soprod renamed the A10-2 to M100.

        Cal. C125 is used by Oak & Oscar and Hager.

        Seiko Instruments first designed their 4L25 to create an ETA 2892A2 competitor for the Swiss OEM market. Soprod announced their Swiss Made version, Cal. A-10, in 2004 and began offering it to Swiss watch makers. The company was not explicit about the design source of the movement. In 2007, Soprod was acquired by Peace Mark of Hong Kong for the company’s quartz movement operations in China, and the Swiss mechanical operations were sold to Festina Group the following year. Seiko introduced their own 4L25-powered Brightz and Credor models and Soprod continued to produce the A-10 and later the A10-2. The A10-2 was renamed Soprod M100 in 2016.

        Oak & Oscar

        Oak and Oscar is owned by Chase Fancher and launched their first watch in 2015. It features a Soprod movement and foreign case assembled and tested in the U.S. by Lum-Tec. The strap is made in the U.S. out of Horween leather.

        The American watch brand scene just gained a new addition with Chicago-based Oak & Oscar. The brand is entering the market with a watch called the Burnham, a limited-edition piece that packs a lot of detailing into a straightforward design. Oak & Oscar looks and sounds like something straight out of a hipster’s how-to handbook, with references to bourbon and crafted-leather accessories, but there is some real substance here in the execution.

        Inside the Burnham beats a Soprod A10 automatic movement. It’s the new Swiss workhorse and while it may not be the sexiest movement in the world, Oak & Oscar has applied some perlage to the bridges and star-shaped cutouts on the rotor to add visual appeal. The case is 42 mm, and the lugs are designed with a curvature to ensure effortless wear. The watch is tested, assembled, and finished by the folks at Lum-Tec over in Ohio, so you can expect a high level of build quality.

        Soprod SA was founded in 1966 in Tramelan, Switzerland as a mechanical watch component producer. The company was purchased by Léman Capital in 2005 and combined with quartz movement producer SFT Group to become STM Holding. This was purchased by Hong Kong-based Peace Mark in 2007 but financial issues forced the sale of the Swiss mechanical movement operations to Festina in 2008.

        Today, Soprod is owned by Festina Group. Unlike competitors, Soprod prides themselves on in-house components and designs, though their premier movement uses Seiko technology. The company has manufacturing capabilities in Tramelan, Sion, Le Saignelégier, Maiche, Le Sentier, and Porrentruy.

        Soprod primarily focuses on watch movements and complications. They are best known for the Alternance 10 (now called M100) and complicated C series movements in the A10 family.

        Soprod watch movements
        • Soprod Alternance 10 (later called A-10, A10, A10-2, and M100): 11.5''' Swiss Made, compatible with ETA 2892A2
          • Soprod A10
          • Soprod A10BV: Open Heart
        • Soprod SOP 6024 and 6029: 8.25''' automatic
          • SOP 6024
          • SOP 6029: Small seconds
        • Soprod Twin Motion: 16''' quartz movement with programmable stepper motors

        Soprod also produces modules for use with other movements:
        • Soprod 2824 Modules
        • Soprod 2892 Modules
        • Soprod A10 Modules

        Soprod also produces complicated movements:
        • 6497-1 24h-SO
        • 6498-1 24h-SO
        • 7001-SO-RM
        • 9000-2824-2-SO
        Complications24 Hour HandAlarmChronograph -2-Button -3-Button Chronograph -Cam Switching Chronograph -Column Wheel Chronograph –5-Column Chronograph –6-Column Chronograph –7-Column Chronograph –8-Column Chronograph –9-Column Chronograph -Flyback Chronograph -Modular Chronograph -Monopusher Chronograph -Rattrapante Chronograph -Split Seconds Chronograph -Vertical Clutch ChronographDate -Bi-Directional Date Correction -Big Date –Double Concentric Wheel Big Date –Double Wheel Big Date –Overlapping Concentric Big Date -Date by Pointer -Instant Date Change -Quick Date Correction -Retrograde Date -Semi-Instantaneous Date ChangeDay -Bilingual Day Wheel -Day by Pointer -Instant Day Change -Outer Day Wheel -Quick Day Correction -Retrograde DayDay/Night IndicatorEquation of TimeGMT Hand -Independently-Adjustable 12 Hour Hand -Independently-Adjustable 24 Hour HandGrande ComplicationHacking SecondsHand WindingLeap YearModularMonth -Month by Pointer -Quick Month CorrectionMoon PhasePerpetual CalendarPower Reserve IndicatorRegulatorRepeater -Minute RepeaterTourbillon -Flying TourbillonWeek NumberWorld TimeYear Hands12 Hour Chronograph Hand at 3:0012 Hour Chronograph Hand at 6:0012 Hour Chronograph Hand at 9:0015 Minute Chronograph Hand at 12:0015 Minute Chronograph Hand at 3:0024 Hour Hand at 10:3024 Hour Hand at 6:0024 Hour Hand at 9:0024 Hour Window at 3:0030 Minute Chronograph Hand at 12:0030 Minute Chronograph Hand at 3:0030 Minute Chronograph Hand at 6:0030 Minute Chronograph Hand at 9:0045 Minute Chronograph Hand at 12:0045 Minute Chronograph Hand at 3:0045 Minute Chronograph Hand at 6:0060 Minute Chronograph Hand at 3:00Airport Window at 9:00Big Date at 12:00Big Date at 3:00Big Date at 6:00Central 24 Hour HandCentral 60 Second Chronograph HandCentral Date PointerCentral Hour HandCentral Minute HandCentral Moon Phase WheelCentral Power Reserve PointerCentral Seconds HandCentral Split Second Chronograph HandCentral World Time DiscCity Window at 12:00City Window at 3:00Date Pointer at 10:00Date Pointer at 12:00Date Pointer at 3:00Date Pointer at 6:00Date Pointer at 9:00Date Window at 3:00Date Window at 4:30Date Window at 6:00Day Pointer at 3:00Day Pointer at 9:00Day Window at 10:30Day Window at 11:30Day Window at 12:00Day Window at 3:00Day Window at 6:00Day Window at 9:00Day/Night Indicator Disc at 10:00Day/Night Indicator Disc at 8:00Day/Night Indicator Pointer at 10:00Hour Hand at 12:00Hour Hand at 3:00Hour Hand at 6:00Hour Window at 12:00Hunter Small Seconds HandLeap Year Pointer at 6:00Lépine Small Seconds HandMinute Hand at 12:00Minute Hand at 3:00Minute Hand at 6:00Minute Hand at 9:00Mode Indicator at 6:00Month Pointer at 12:00Month Pointer at 6:00Month Pointer at 9:00Month Window at 1:30Month Window at 12:30Month Window at 3:00Moon Phase Wheel at 12:00Moon Phase Wheel at 6:00Moon Phase Wheel at 9:00Open Heart at 12:00Open Heart at 5:00Open Heart at 6:00Open Heart at 7:00Open Heart at 9:00Power Reserve Pointer at 1:00Power Reserve Pointer at 12:00Power Reserve Pointer at 6:00Power Reserve Pointer at 7:00Power Reserve Pointer at 9:00Power Reserve Pointer at 9:30Small Seconds Hand at 12:00Small Seconds Hand at 3:00Small Seconds Hand at 4:30Small Seconds Hand at 6:00Small Seconds Hand at 9:00Week Number Pointer at 12:00Year Wheel at 9:00Year Window at 11:30
        BrandSoprod WindingAutomatic -Bi-Directional Automatic Winding -Clockwise Automatic Winding -Counter-Clockwise Automatic Winding -Seiko Magic Lever Winding -Uni-Directional Automatic WindingHand windingTwo Barrel Ligne10.511.511.751212.2512.512.5×14.512.751313.2513.751414.2514.51515.2515.515.751616.51717.6717.75196.757.758.258.7599.259.5
        Production Periods1910s1920s1930s1940s1950s1960s1970s1980s1990s2000s2010s Frequency1800019800216002880036000 Anti-ShockCitizen ParashockDiafDiashockElastorFlectorIncabloc Double-ConeIncabloc Single-ConeNivachocNovodiacParaflexPare-ChuteSatellorTriorUltraflex
        Jewels1315161717818192021222324252627282930313233343637383940552597 Balance MountBridgeCock -Clockwise -Counter-clockwise

        SOP 2021/A10-2
        Soprod 7750 Modules
        Soprod A10 Family
        Soprod A10 Modules
        Soprod A10-2
        Soprod C105
        Soprod C110
        Soprod C115
        Soprod C120
        Soprod C125
        Soprod C130
        Soprod C135
        Soprod C140
        Soprod C145
        Soprod M100 Balancier Visible
        Soprod M100 Date
        Soprod M100 Squelette
        Soprod M200 Date
        Soprod M800 Date
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