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40mm Seiko/Sub Skull build complete!

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  • 40mm Seiko/Sub Skull build complete!

    Just finished up this badass build. Dial is thicker than most so I had to order a new tall H5 Swiss CP/HW as there are no asians available. This potentially posed an issue with fitment. After installing both the only difference is that it winds and sets a little more firm than with the asian parts in there. I did not replace the seconds pin as warned by a watchsmith friend as he stated it may cause issues. This ended up being a happy accident as I'm not a fan of large sweeping seconds, so the new H5's hide the old H2 perfectly such that I could just leave it in place.

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    A big congratulations on a very nice piece of work!


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      Great job, looks pretty cool!
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        Looking good


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          As you know I loves me some skull. Great job!!!!!
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            2 B or not 2 B

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          Thanks guys, 2 others in the works...stay tuned


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            We may have to collaborate on a custom build.........????????

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            Then it will be double the awesomeness!

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          Very very cool! I love modded watches. I need more pics. Looks awesome!

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            Very cool!