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Celebrating 50 Years Of The Tag Heuer Monaco Watch

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  • Celebrating 50 Years Of The Tag Heuer Monaco Watch

    MAR 06, 2019— BY ROB NUDDS

    Icons are supposed to be divisive. Designs well-received across the board upon release may well be popular in the short term, but rarely do they generate the kind of emotional response necessary for an enduring legacy to be established. The Heuer Monaco broke boundaries when it was released 50 years ago in 1969. Nowadays, its significance to TAG Heuer (and the industry in general) is perhaps overlooked for its ubiquity.
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    The only square watch I'd really like to have. Killer stuff.
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      Always been my favorite Tag Heuer


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        One handsome, and stunning time piece indeed! Thanks Mike.


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          This has always been an iconic winner for me. You just need to stay away from their over priced quartz watches...
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