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Unboxing & Review: Vostok Expedition Everest Underground Watch

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  • Unboxing & Review: Vostok Expedition Everest Underground Watch

    Big meaty sucker with plenty of lug overhang

    Apr 20, 2020


    Please enjoy this review of a very interesting Vostok watch. This is the Everest Underground. This watch was released in limited numbers to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the World Record of Lithuanian-Ukrainian expedition achieved bottom of the Krubera-Voronia cave – also known as “Everest Underground”

    The watch was kindly loaned in to my channel by Ivan Hampton Ennis, a friend of my channel, owner of the Iconic Timepieces Watch Brand, and just a great all-around watch enthusiast.

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    for posting this up, Mike.


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      I like these a lot. Some of their color combos are amazing
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        A big-n for sure.