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NEW LE X-Long Energia Straps

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  • NEW LE X-Long Energia Straps

    Accordingly with multiple asks of our customers who complained that straps for Energia are too short for them, we’ve developed limited edition of straps which are 3 cm longer than regular straps ( total length is 24.5 cm)

    Part of new straps have the same kind of leather as regular straps ( see the 1st photo), another part – completely new colors and textures ( see the 2nd photo)

    All straps made in Italy using vegetable tanned leather.

    Ask for the new straps from your local distributor!

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    Sharp looking straps. Thanks for the HU, Lee.


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      I have 2 and luckily the straps work well for me but I do really like some of the new colors and textures
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        Love the look of these straps. To bad they're custom to the Energia .
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