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Nav B-Uhr 44 Gun Metal 500

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  • Nav B-Uhr 44 Gun Metal 500

    ~ March 22, 2019 ~
    Nav B-Uhr 44 Gun Metal Type A & B
    Nav B-Uhr 44 Gun Metal Type A

    This pilot watch made by STEINHART was designed using historical models. The beautiful "GUNMETAL"stainless steel case with the large crown makes every watch lover’s heart beat faster.
    The domed sapphire glass with double anti-reflecting coatings on the interior side and the dial with white hands put this pilot watch in the limelight. It will be hard to find a comparable watch in this price category with such an excellent price/performance ratio.

    A must-have for every pilot watch enthusiast !

    "I Live For Watch Deals"

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    real nice fave is always B-UHREN dial... OEM FLIEGER 55mm. worn OVER FLIGHT JACKET on loan for the mission and returned if the navigator lived,,,500 EU..i prefer a MECK jmho...just not into motion of the rotor these days

    i have 3 + 2 PW + $10 casio... only into reducing and filling my NBZ bucket drop drop drop


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      Father's Day is coming...

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        Two very nice executions, from Steinhart. Thanks Lee.


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          Really nice.


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            Those are some nice Pilots...
            Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey...


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              Steinhart keeps making the same watches in different colors. The Steinhart Christoph 40 Special Edition was the last one I wanted to buy, but unfortunately the production was very small.


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