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Seiko YT02A Kinetic charger

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  • Seiko YT02A Kinetic charger

    I posted in this thread in the Evine forum how much I wanted a Seiko BFK (SKA371 is the model that I want) but the Kinetic movement was a real big question mark.

    I have lusted after the BFK diver for many years now but the threat of having to replace the rechargeable battery due to me not wearing the watch very often was always keeping me from actually buying it. Many Kinetic watch owners just bite the bullet and get one of these Kinetic chargers (model number YT02A) or, as Seiko calls them, Kinetic energy suppliers:

    At $300, they're not exactly that I'd call "cheap." A few years ago I remember seeing them for less than $200 and I thought that they were too expensive. I decided to buy one from eBay for $275 since the price on them seems to keep creeping up as time goes on.

    Some Kinetic owners use cheaper induction chargers for LED candles and electric toothbrushes with varying results. It seems that if you want a fairly fast charge every time though, you have to pay and get the official Seiko charger. I have never read a report that said the Seiko YT02A did not work well.

    So I actually broke down and bought one yesterday. Keep in mind that I actually don't have any Kinetic movement watches yet. Yep...I'm a (stupid) Seiko collector to the most extreme level. It will be here tomorrow and I will have no idea if it actually works or not since I don't have a watch to test it with. I do have an electric toothbrush though so maybe I can try charging that with the Seiko YT02A just to see if it's working properly.

    There is no hope for me.

    So, now that I have a way to efficiently charge it, I'll sit and wait for a good deal on a SKA371 BFK diver. With my luck, now that I've bought the expensive charging unit, Seiko probably soon will discontinue the BFK line and replace it with the exact same watch but with an automatic or solar movement inside. :headbang:

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      Nothing wrong in being proactive. Hopefully it’ll be all worth it in the end.
      We already have enough youth, how about a fountain of smart?


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        I learned something new so tanks for charger info. Will be waiting for the
        end result !


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          I got the Kinetic charger yesterday and I couldn't get it to charge up my electric toothbrush. It turns on OK and makes a very slight buzzing sound, so I suspect that it's working fine. My guess is that my toothbrush was just never ever designed to work with a Seiko Kinetic watch "energy supplier." No big surprises there.

          So, the hunt for a reasonably priced Seiko BFK SKA371 is on. They used to be for sale all over the place a couple of years ago but it seems that isn't the case any more. Maybe it has been discontinued.