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Timetraveler Funeral **UPDATED 3/10**

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  • Timetraveler Funeral **UPDATED 3/10**

    First and foremost I think we all need to extend a very heartfelt "Thank You" to Mike "RoadWarrior" for the WONDERFUL video tribute and for the Memorial info. Mike, THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for that. Bill was a close friend of mine for the last 14 years and it means a lot that you took the time to do that. On a more somber note Bill's funeral is next Saturday here in Shreveport at 1100 CST. My family and I will attend. While I think photos would be tacky (although Bill would think it's absolutely hilarious!!!) I will post about how it went and things like that. Thanks again to all for your well wished to Mary and his family.


    I went to Bill's funeral this morning at 11. It was a nice service. I didn't know anybody there except a few people from the City Marshal's and Prosecutor's office. I guess there was about 100 people there, most of which seemed to be family. Bill was cremated so they had him on a table in a green marble box. Next to that was a great picture of him and a candle. Around that were some really nice orange and the like colored flowers. There were a few stands with orchid arrangements around the front of the seating area. On a table was his Bill Peck Day proclamation certificate along with some old photos. Some great music from many different ears was playing and a wonderful slide show was on the large screen. The reverend that spoke was easy to listen to and spoke casually and in a way that Bill would have liked. He was relatable and even had us laughing a few times. He spoke for about 35 minutes and 2 songs were played within. I knew Bill pretty well but learned some more things I didn't know. He really was a remarkable man that if his life was a book it would be a great read. I didn't speak to Mary or the family because I knew they had their hands full with all their family members. I spoke to a few people and quietly slipped out. Overall it was a quaint service that suited Bill's style....humble and let it's content shine above words and pomp. When I tallk to MAry or hiskids i will pass along everyones wishes here. Thanks to all for the love. Have agreat rest of the weekend, everyone. Tip a sip for TT this evening:)
    Some men are morally opposed to violence. Fortunately for them, the men that protect them are not

  • #2 one here knew Bill as well as you. My sympathies go to you, Mary, and Bill’s family. Please wish her my best during this difficult time.


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      Thank you for keeping us informed--we appreciate it.


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        BRAD I always knew u were a friend of TT and that gave u instant chops...but this is about TT...I much appreciated the bio by RW...and as u all know SB is the # 1 fanboy of TT's folksy blue highways travelogues-

        but somber reflection and mourning is the watch word for TT's inhumation ritual-

        -imho internet destroys in ways we do not understand regret... being TT's net pal a meagre substitute for being the man's friend-

        -i remember, reflect,mourn,honor


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          Thank you so much for keeping us informed. Again, my sympathies/prayers go out to his family during this difficult time.

          Joe C.


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            Thank you for keeping us updated, Brad. Please convey my deepest, and sincerest condolences, to Mary, and Bill's family.


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              Brad.. Thanks for constant updates and being such a great friend. Please express my deepest sympathies and condolences to Mary and Bill's entire family and friends.