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    So this the second time that the Wind Up watch fair got (maybe third). The first time was the first year I went. LI Watch was their with a whole mess of Squales. Including the yet to be released Squale-matic 60atmos in cyan blue and white. I went home thinking about that watch... eventually I had to have it. Over the past couple years I have tried on all of Zelos' models at the show too. And while that didn't leave me "having to have" any one of them. It did lead me to know that when the new Swordfish came into stock at the lower price, it would be a winner.

    Well this year Christopher Ward was present at the show. I had mentioned in a couple other threads specific to the show and to CW that I wasn't too impressed with their attitudes or customer service. But I was quite impressed with their watches. Particularly the C65 line. A product I had been mentally toying with for some time. The ability to try them on in person pushed me over the edge.

    Now, truth be told. I wanted to try on the green, they didn't have it. I wanted to try on the yellow, they didn't have it. I tried on the black/pepsi GMT. Didn't love it. But I did try on their newest C65 black/gold, the white anthropocene GMT and the blue "regular" and automatic C65s.

    So.. TBH the one I liked the most was the white GMT. However I didn't love the price at over $1k esp when my second choice (posted herein) was on their nearly new list for $550.

    I ordered the watch on the camel leather strap. But they sent it on the bracelet you see here. Some of you might be thinking "score you got a free upgrade." I agree and disagree. Its a pretty decent bracelet with the sliding adjustment system, all solid links etc. But to me this style is a strap style. So I reached out to them. Let's see what happens from a CS perspective. The same thing happened with Zelos and Elshan immediately sent me a replacement no questions asked and did not ask for the wrong strap back. Will CW step up similarly?

    any pics, followed by specs and opinions:

    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Cool packaging
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    warranty, instructions, cleaning cloth

    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on FlickrUntitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr
    Untitled by Gavin Gear, on Flickr

    • Diameter: 41mm
    • Height: 11.55mm
    • Weight: 65g
    • Weight with 21cm bracelet: 164g
    • Calibre: Sellita SW210
    • Vibrations: 28,800 per hour (4 Hz)
    • Timing tolerance: +15/-15 seconds per day
    • Case: 316L Stainless Steel
    • Water resistance: 15 ATM (150 metres)
    • Dial colour: Blue
    • Lume: Old Radium SuperLumiNova
    • Lug to lug: 47.1mm
    • Bracelet width: 22mm
    The Great:
    1. Case finishing with all the little angles, cut outs etc.
    2. Comfort, this is one smooth comfy mutha
    3. Hand finishing and details. CW is great at this. the hands are multi faceted. They do great things with the light.
    4. Crown, great size. very solid.
    5. Adjustable clasp.

    The good:
    1. Dial overall. Color, markers (most are applied which is nice) and I'm good with the logos (though a date window would balance it better ala the new C60)
    2. the bezel (great color, good action) its aluminum which is totally appropriate for the style. But hey guys this is a british watch all together now, its pronounced. "A-loo-min-e-um" not "eh-lu-meh-num"
    3. Bracelet overall.
    4. Crystal, really nicely integrated sapphire crystal, box style, nice low profile. It is very good, but now as clear as some.

    The not so good:
    1. Lume is poor. Though it does activate quite naturally, which is nice.
    2. CS ordering.... because I got the bracelet I didn't get what I ordered. Let's see how they handle it. But tbh they now have a reputation. People are posting all the time about how they come dirty, wrong colors, wrong options. etc. They need to get their act together there... esp if they are going to be so aloof in attitude (as they were at Wind UP.)

    Ironically the bracelet is the only place I see any wear from this being a "nearly new". This is ironic not only because I didn't order the watch on the bracelet but because this isn't even really the bracelet that naturally comes with the C65. This is a more modern bracelet with wider center links. This version of the C65 is supposed to come on a traditional oyster style bracelet with smaller center links. Anyway , there wasn't any damage on the bracelet, just smudging.

    So that's it folks... thanks for looking.
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    A big congratulations, Gavin!


    • roadwarrior
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      Congratulations Gavin. That's a good looking watch. At least the bracelet is about $100.00 more compared to buying the strap if you have to. I personally don't have much faith in CW doing right by you, but I hope I'm wrong. Since Wera, left they have consistently gone South with the really good customer service they once had with Wera at the helm. Best of luck with getting the strap you wanted.

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    Still a looker even on the bracelet.


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      Congrats man! That is a great looking watch. I really need to add one to my collection.


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        Really nice! Chr Ward at its best!


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          Wow, nice. A big congrats.


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            Originally posted by eztenn View Post
            Still a looker even on the bracelet.
            nice PU and it is close to your birthday... i remember that SQUALE PU well...3 years already ? watchintyme flies


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              NICE! NATO straps for me are no go, looks good on the different straps but I would prefer the SS bracelet on the watch.
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                Now your pics have made me want one ... Thank you Gavin ... not!

                Truth be told she's a real beauty. I hope customer service takes care of you satisfactorily. Good luck with and enjoy it a long time.



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                  Good looking addition!


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                    That's a winner and looking good on the bracelet and those straps...

                    I have to say, a few years ago when I got one of the two watches I purchased from them I ordered a shorter strap (for my girlie size wrist) which you could substitute for the regular size one. But they sent the regular size. I contacted CS about the mix up and they mailed me the one I originally ordered right away and asked me to send back the other one. (back to England) I asked for a pre-paid envelope so I could return it... they said no. I told them that since it was their mistake they needed to pay the return shipping cost. I never heard back from them and I still have their strap. In another year or so I'll consider it mine... Hopefully CS is better now.
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                      Good looking CW. I like it all strapped up and strapped on. Congrats.
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                        Nice, congrats!

                        Welcome to WatchinTyme, where you don't have to wipe your feet before entering! But don't bother me because I'm on my coffee break!


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                          Congratz Gavin!
                          I always prefer a bracelet but this one looks very much ‘at home’ on all the strap options shown.

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                            Interesting insights on the brand and thank you for a great review!

                            I did a spate of buying from them, years back, and never had any real CS issues, but I will say they were pretty unresponsive about some shipping delays, which was a frustration, even though all turned out well.

                            Funny, based on their advertising presentation, seems they'd be super approachable and eager to bond with customers. Fell a bit out of love when they did the most recent brand re-design, but have seen some compelling stuff, of late, that has been quite tempting.

                            Congrats on that buy! Looks really sweet on the strap options.
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