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  • ArmourLite Tritium Field Watch

    Always amazing what sets off a watch search/buy. Doesn’t take much for me!

    Saw the recent Rambo flick and my brother wanted to see it again, but this time we took a day to watch all the prior films first – none of which explained the latest film, haha, in terms of suddenly having family – and then went on to watch some other kind of survival themed films and various watches in the various movies got me thinking about a simple, highly legible and tough field style and, lo and behold, I didn’t really have one!

    My first thought was Luminox, and some models there were enticing (I've always been happy with Luminox watches), because I really love Tritium watches and they often are going to be of the military or field type design, but, back during the whole episode of how I wound up getting into Aragon watches, after I wound up sending back the wrong model received of an Isobrite watch (a brand within AmourLite), my mind returned to the brand (AmourLite/Isobrite) and I remembered they had some cool looking simple military/field watches in their line up.

    I kind of wanted to revisit buying from that shop too, because I felt a bit bad that I’d turned around a somewhat pricey two watch order and they’d been really good to me and tried to make it right, on the wrong watch shipped, but of course I wound up with the Aragon buys from someone else. And, yes, it all turned out well, but it felt good to go back and place another order with a terrific online store. Plus, they still had the same sale going, and it’s hard to pass up 20% off.

    Whenever possible, it’s always great to feel I’ve paid more along the lines of what a watch feels to be “worth” which is, of course, a bizarre mental space to live in, haha, but it feels satisfying, so a chance to buy something at a sale price is always easier to talk myself into!

    Although I wanted a T100 model, with the brighter Tritium, none of the models jumped out at me in that line up, and then I found the one I’d admired previously, just with the T25 Tritium, but nonetheless a clean, well-contrasted design. From their “Professional” Series, I picked the 1412.

    Arrived nicely boxed:

    And, as I say, a highly legible design, which is what I wanted and of course I love the Day/Date, so that was a big plus, as was the nicely sized 47mm case, with a relatively slim 13.5mm height. 22mm lug width opens the door for a lot of NATO’s I already have, although I love the soft rubber strap on which it arrived, which is held to the case with screw bars.

    100m WR, screw in crown, Swiss Ronda quartz movement, black PVD stainless steel case, unidirectional bezel, and the crystal? Well, ArmourLite says, “The watch is protected by shatterproof Armourglass crystal that can withstand up to 6,000 Vickers, whereas most watch crystals can only withstand about 700. Using the same technology as bulletproof glass, we have achieved a crystal that won’t shatter even when one layer is compromised.” So, that’s pretty cool!

    The watch is light, comfortable, and of course outstanding visibility day and night. Only issue is with the bezel. Not enough to seek a return or exchange, but just that the action isn’t great and it’s slightly loose on the case somehow, so it kind of has a very slight side to side click or shifting.

    I know it’s a crowded field, with brands like Luminox, Traser, Nite and Marathon out there, and a host of others doing the field/Tritium thing and this particular watch feels a bit entry level, but, then again, so was the price and, as a “beater” kind of watch, it will do what is asked of it, so, no complaints from me. And, again, another model within the brand, at a higher price range, would be a different experience, and they do seem a company that has staked a claim in the Tritium illumination world.

    For me, it was the best design for the simple look I was seeking, and I’m very happy.

    And, nice and lumey, of course, which is why I really love these, with such great visibility!

    The bulk of my Tritium watches are Luminox, but this one reminds me of my Deep Blue Day/Night, with Tritium, in the polycarbonate case (on a Hadley Roma Kevlar strap) and so this makes my third non-Luminox Tritium buy, of course the second one being the wonderful Aragon Parma automatic with the T100 lume, which I found thanks to this forum.

    The non-Luminox line up:

    And the lume of that trio:

    You can see how that Aragon stands out, with the T100. Really love that model, and so nice to have Tritium on a dressier style, along the lines of what Ball does so well, but at a fraction of the cost.

    I wound up buying another Luminox as well, after watching another film, during that movie spree, in which there was an orange dialed model. Didn’t opt for the exact same model, due to some other reasons, but did wind up with a sweet watch, which I’ll post up here shortly.

    So, my “last buy for a while” turned into two, and there’s another on the way.

    Who am I kidding…I’m never done, haha!

    Thanks all for reading! Happy weekend!
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    CONGRATS! It looks good on your wrist.


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    just gonna post... in the wee small hours... pupils fully dilated so there is not a big difference between T25 and T100... and honestly i think it has to do with the quality of the tubes and ethics of the manufacturer... i've had tubes fade in under 5 years and I felt ripped off

    enjoy your PU... ride the excitement wave feel the rush


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      Yes, interesting, when I took photos for my upcoming post, on the Luminox I just got, for which I did a group shot of all my Tritium watches now, I see the brightness from most to least, and it corresponds exactly with purchase date, ahahaha, so idk about the whole 25 years thing.

      I mean, even the oldest one is still great at night, but I'll see how they hold up. Hard to get pics that capture it, as it's not enough light to please my camera, and I haven't felt like dragging out my nicer camera for low light shots, but, in person, the Aragon is my brightest. Well, for now at least, haha.

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    Eggcellent looking Military watch.
    Eggcellent pics as well.

    "I Live For Watch Deals"


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      Thanks, yuppers, it wound up being exactly what I had hoped for, for the look I wanted, which is always great!

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    Nice dial layout. Looks light and comfy
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      Yes, is very comfortable to wear, and they have a great rubber strap.

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    A big congratulations!


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      Many thanks!

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    Very cool piece. Congrats, and thanks for the pics & commentary!

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      I approve , congrats.

      Hazy....try again...


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        Easy to read and cool dial layout. Looks pretty much at home on your wrist!


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