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  • Needed something new!

    So its been awhile since I bought a new watch, more like 2 years I think, and I’m getting a little bit of an inch for something new but I’m not wanting to invest in another watch. (I have way too many as it is) So that leaves me with only one option… MOD one I already have. I decided to do a bracelet MOD on my 1986 Seiko 7002 Diver. It’s the perfect candidate for this particular bracelet. The one and only… Uncle Seiko Razor Wire bracelet. This bracelet is a near flawless match with great fit and finish, scissor type fold over clasp with push button release and fold over lock. Bracelet is extremely comfortable and doesn't pull any arm hairs. Only down side is the non-solid end links. Aside from that, I couldn’t be happier… at least with the end result. Getting there was a nightmare for me.

    First off I couldn’t remove the old original rubber strap. I broke off 2 spring bar tool ends trying to get to and release the spring bars. I must have worked on it for a good half hour. Finally my patients wore thin and I had to go to plan B which involved some drastic measures. Cutting the b____ off. I got out my small dykes (yeah, I know probably politically incorrect but I don’t care as that’s what I always called them. Millennials stop your damn whining for gods sake. Man the hell up!) or side cutters as some folks call them. Anyway after removing the aforementioned but now useless strap you would think I would be home free. You my friend would be wrong… The friggin’ 33 year old spring bars were locked tighter than my ex-wife's…. hmmm, ahhhhhh pocketbook. Anyway I couldn’t get them off using 3 different kinds of spring bar tools. Back to plan B. Using my small needle nose pliers I finally just broke them off. Pictures to follow.

    Ok, now I’m in the money. I just need to size this bad boy and I’m golden… or so you would seemingly think. Yeah, not so much! I knew ahead of time the links were not your usual easy to remove screw in or push pin type. I hadn’t expected them to be the Rubik’s Cube of bracelet links.

    Warning: If you have shaky hands or poor eye sight do not attempt as this will cause you to re-think you hobby choices!

    You will need very steady hands, a safety pin (easier to hold than a straight pin) and pointy tweezers. This does use push pins in the links but lining up those small razor wire links will drive you to drink (as seen in the picture below) and a whole lot of cussing. SOB, I mean lots and lots of cussing. In my dazed and confused state I think it took close to an hour to get this brace size. Mind you, you never get the correct amount of links off on the first try. You remove a couple of friggin’ links then put it all back together, slip it on your wrist just to find out… “Oh HELL NO! I’ve got to do this all over again!!!” So you go back and get another drink, just to steady your nerves mind you, and start the process all over. Finally you get it squared away and fitting just right and all’s well with the universe again. You then take that last swig of your drink, take your glasses off and lie down on the couch for a much needed and deserved nap…

    Ok, so if you stuck with me thus far here are some pics. You decide… was it worth it?

    Thanks for checking this out...
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    Yes , it was worth the effort. A great new look for an old friend , congrats.
    Hazy....try again...


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      Looks fantastic, Joel. Well done!

      Life is short...don't waste a minute of it. Gary


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        Originally posted by rog1 View Post
        Yes , it was worth the effort. A great new look for an old friend , congrats.
        " if u can't be with the one u love; mod the one you're with "


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          Well done Joel! That bracelet looks great. I haven't seen a bracelet like that before,.
          Definitely worth the effort.


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              That's Swank!!! Love it Joel. One helleva Job! Congrats, enjoy and thanks for sharing
              I don't sweat I condensate and YYYeess...I'm still cool !

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                Looks like fun.

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                • repOman
                  repOman commented
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                  There would be a fine line between enough drinks to calm the nerves and one too many to get the job done with this bracelet...

                • surelyuknow
                  surelyuknow commented
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                  Yeah, I watched that video before I attempted doing this. He makes this look relatively easy to do, but I'll bet there was a whole lot of "takes" before he got it right.

                • roadwarrior
                  roadwarrior commented
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                  I agree the video was probably filled with plenty of cuts (if he didn't edit it it would probably be an hour long) and it doesn't look easy. I like the looks of the bracelet and to me if it enhances the watch it's worth the effort. Congrats Joel!

                  Review ends at about 5:33 and the sizing starts there, it’s not that bad to size and couple ways to do it.



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                Originally posted by WatchSteve View Post
                Well done Joel! That bracelet looks great. I haven't seen a bracelet like that before,.
                Definitely worth the effort.
                well i think it's cool that u fed the beast with sweat stays in bank


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                  Joel...I feel your pain...I've had those times with a watch and steady hands and good eyesight are not my strong suit. I'm sure getting those little wire links lined up properly was a PITA...

                  Looks great though...


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                    Looks great!


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                      Spot on!


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                        Well done Joel! nice mod
                        "It had to start somewhere, It had to start sometime. What better place than here? What better time than now?"


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                          Awsome, I can see the frustration. I love that bracelet.
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                            Your story had me laughing hard!!

                            The bracelet looks very cool. I have not seen that style before either. Yeah, I bet it was a be-atch getting everything lined up. Unlike the Asian women in the factory who have small hands.

                            Big & Cheap