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Glycine Airman Airfighter Skeleton Automatic Chronograph GL0051

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  • Glycine Airman Airfighter Skeleton Automatic Chronograph GL0051

    Evine had these at what was the lowest price by far from what I had ever seen previously this Memorial Day weekend. I also received a 15% Off Memorial Day coupon from Evine in my email a day before they went on sale. Well, the combination made me get one just to see what these look like in person. I did have 2 other Airfighters with the ETA 7754 movements at one point, so I was very familiar with this "layout", size, and how it wears on a 7" wrist; on leather strap at least. Unlike those, this version has a base Sellita movement with a modified DD2050 Chronograph Module, a skeletonized dial, and an actual Stainless Steel bracelet. It has some pretty impressive stats. I know these are shunned these days in the post-Invicta acquired era, but these are still Glycine made and designed watches regardless of what the hating masses say. I haven't unwrapped this one yet as I am testing it's timekeeping and functions fully. So far the chronograph is crisp and precise and resets back to "0" from various places on the dial and the movement sets, winds, and feels very solid and tight. It is very industrial looking in it's monochrome scheme (I chose the black accents as i wanted the most contrast) and solid as a tank. The bracelet looks quite nice as it is relatively thin, each section of a link is only a few mm so it wraps very nicely, and has single sided screws for sizing. My only concern is there are no half links, so when (and if) I size it, it may be hard to fit as it has a hidden butterfly clasp with no microadjustments; the only downside I can find to this watch. It may well be a non-issue due to the short links. The skeleton dial is nicely done, not entirely illegible like some, and has about 5 layers of depth which you don't really pick up on unless you are holding it and looking closely. It is a large watch at 46mm across and 16mm thick as the chronograph actuator and crowns add to that diameter. Overall, I like it and time will tell if I keep it... literally. Here are some mummy-wrapped pictures.

    Unboxing in standard Glycine packaging, nothing fancy:

    Some stills:

    In the hand:

    Resting on the wrist:



    Thanks for looking!

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    Looks nice Roy. Just waiting for mine today. Bought the red one.


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      Stunning! , congrats.
      Hazy....try again...


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        That’s one hot piece Roy, congrats on this one for sure.
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          Very Nice Roy. Congratz!

          Gonna beat Gary on this one, rear view!:bravo:

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            Spectacular!! Did they fix the issue DD’s we’re having a while back?
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              Lookin' good, Roy. Congrats on a cool pick up, thanks for the pics, and enjoy!

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                cool add Roy at a great price. Not into the skelly thing myself or might have considered it.

                hope its a keeper for you!
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                  Originally posted by sota0003 View Post
                  Spectacular!! Did they fix the issue DD’s we’re having a while back?
                  Not sure there were issues with DD modules themselves. I recall Invicta (not Glycine) having a scandal around a DD module source they used in their Reserve Speedway a few years back and some hand fitment issues (not module). As far as I know, Dubois Depraz is top notch and their modules are used in high end watches like Breitling, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Rolex, Patek-Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille to name a few. Again, I believe these were more Invicta issues, than the actual DD module.


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                    A very handsome, and impressive, addition to the collection, Roy! A big congratulations!


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                      Nice review Roy! Thank you.

                      Your pictures make it look much better than the stock photos.

                      I'm really looking forward to getting mine now!


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                        Very nice watch and nice review. Hope the sizing isn't a problem.


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                          Oh hum another superb piece [emoji106]

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                            Fantastic... Lume is pretty good if it lasts. Congrats and enjoy it!
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