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The Watches of Only Watch 2019

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  • The Watches of Only Watch 2019

    Oct 8, 2019

    We recently had the great chance of getting real close to most of the watches participating in this year's edition of Only Watch, additionally of going to the launch event just held in Monte Carlo a few days ago.
    The superstar talking piece of the auction is obviously the incredible steel Patek Philippe Grand Master Chime and we can already tell that this one will break a few records if we go by what we can hear!

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    The Oh my God!! I don’t even want to wear any of my Watches today LOL. The All black Black Bay is absolutely stunning.


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      Thanks for posting this up, Mike.


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        Watched this video the other day. Drooling
        Thanks Mike
        I don't sweat I condensate and YYYeess...I'm still cool !

        aka "TimeOnMySide" but you can call me Woody!