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  1. Swiss Made HALDOR Abissi Pre Sale ETA 2824 $545 USD
  2. HALDOR ABISSI 1000M update May 5th 2016 delay
  3. 2016-09-06 HALDOR Abissi in DEPTH
  4. Haldor Abissi watch 16% Christmas discount expires 12-31-16
  5. Swiss Auto 42 mm wide 2000m Haldor Armis will be presented on Indiegogo in Autumn
  6. Haldor Abissi is now available on our website. The stock is limited
  7. Haldor Abissi is now available at a special discounted price, coupon code: summer17.
  8. HALDOR Armis 2000m Early Bird $590.00 includes S&H project was unsuccessful 1-4-18
  9. The New Armis 2000m Pre-Order starting in February
  10. Factory in China that makes HALDOR watches?
  11. The Haldor Armis is now available on our website. The quantity is very limited.
  12. The Haldor Abissi is 20% off. Buy it on our website.The quantity is limited 544.19